UK 60mph – Sequel


Regular followers of this blog will know that we found a sweet new speedspot in the UK this weekend.

The afternoon ended up getting a bit serious with aerohelmets and leathers as Pete Connolly, Rob Borek and Matt Elver got the GPS out and chased the elusive UK 60mph – after a couple of draft runs, Pete got it solo, with Rob and Matt right in his draft.

This sort of speed is pretty rapid, and requires the kind of geography we don’t have much of in the UK. Whilst skaters in other countries are blessed with huge mountain ranges, here in the UK a hill that’s got the speed and more importantly, is safe enough, is a rare beast.

It’s easy to put numbers to speed, if you’ve been anywhere near that fast you’ll know those little numbers on the LCD screen equate to some big grins and heavy consequences. For us it’s always good to know that our decks are more than capable of handling such situations. Rob and Pete both skate the Sequel, which has been in our quiver for a little over a year now. This weekend it did exactly what it was designed for – smashing some sick UK descents. The slightly longer wheelbase, 4X construction, deep concave, drop-through deck mounting all come together to give ultimate confidence and let you concentrate on getting down the hill fast and alive without worrying about what your skateboard is doing.

It looks fast just standing there…

Video coming soon! Skate hard, stay safe!