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Archives: November 2012

Interview with Harry Phelps

Lush Longboards


If you came to the Calne Bowl Jam, Vandem Freeride or the Bristol Board Meeting, you will have seen a (very!) young man absolutely killing it on all forms of skate terrain. Harry Phelps has skateboarding of all kinds in his blood, be it a hill, a pool or a ramp, if you put it in front of him it will swiftly be destroyed…

Harry Phelps

We sent Jorge on a mission to interview Harry a little while ago… here’s what he came back with!

Jorge: To Start with, tell us a little about yourself.
Harry: Howdy, I live to skate pretty much, I started at 11 and have been skating for about 5 years now. I got into it by trying it and loving it haha!!! Erm yeah and I like skateboarding of all disciplines: Slalom, bowl, DH, freeride, tech sliding, a bit of street and crayons.

J: Crayons?!?
H: Yes indeed they taste lovely.

J: Haha oh yes, I do agree, especially the green ones. So you do nearly all forms of skateboarding then, do you have a particular few that stand out to be your favourites?
H: Ahh the green ones ha. Bowl and ramp is my main bag, as that’s the thing I focus on the most and am best at, but slalom and tech sliding are my other main two which I’m loving more and more!

J: Ah yes, you are well known for these disciplines, especially bowl and ramp. Do you have a particular favourite place you like to skate? Preferred bowl, etc?
H: my favourite place to skate is probably Saffron Walden!!! 3 amazing bowls with fun shit around the edges all in beautiful concrete.

J: Sounds pretty sweet! Skating bowl for the first time can be pretty scary, do you have any advice for anyone wanting to have a go at it?
H: Indeed it can be! The only advice really is to just keep practising flat out and try new things when you feel ready. Also don’t give up trying or you won’t get very far!

Harry Phelps

J: So tell us, what would be your perfect day of skating?
H: It would be a trip to saffron all day with lovely sunshine and great mates to skate with, eating crusty rolls, McDonalds and crayons hahaha!

J: Earlier you mentioned you liked to eat crayons, other than that do you have another preferred skate food to get you going during a session?
H: haha yes I do! I love crusty rolls, about a day old so that there lovely and chewy!! And good old McDonalds.

J: Hahaha definitely sounds like the healthy option! So referring back to your wide range of riding styles, which is your go to/ preferred board?
H: The board I like the most is probably my lovely Spacebyrd (Night), as I spend the most time on it. But there’s nothing like going for a wiggle on my slalom setup. My next favourite board is my Lush Duder which is the ultimate carvey board to chill on.

J: What’s the stupidest/ most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?
H: Probably doing a nose manual in front of a car and slamming haha, or falling of whilst trying to attack little scooter shit!

J: Ah yes those little scooter kids are a pain, so before we wrap this up is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?
H: big shout out to my sponsors: Lush Longboards, Vandem MFG, Vikings Of Skate and all the other rad people that I skate with and make it fun…. And Crayola!

Harry Phelps

Welcome to the Lush Team – Assistente Oliveria!

Lush Longboards


We’ve just hooked up another Brazillian shredder on Lush… 25 years old, Assistente hails from Sao Paulo and has the crazy Brazillian Slide Style and has been applying it to his Machine. Here’s an interview so you can get to know him!

All photos by Antonio Moscatelli.

Assistente Oliveria Lush Machine

Q – What’s your full name, your age and what name to you go by?

A – Fransisco Oliveira Moreira, 25, Assistente

Q – How did you get that nickname?

A – Afriend of mine gave me that name, from me always wanting to help others. Assistente – the assistente, the helper

Q – Helping others from way back, or more in the longboarding realm?

A – Well from longboarding, i’ve been skating for 13 years, so i guess from way back too:)

Q – So at 25 your already a veteran in the sport…

A – yeah it’s been a while..

Q – So, how did you get into longboarding?

A – I started with my older brother. He used to inline, and then he bought a longboard, it was love at first sight, i haven’t stopped since.

Q – Same as me, and i imagine for the majority of longboarders, it’s just completley addictive:)

Assistente Oliveria Lush Machine

Q – What part of sunny Brazil are you from?

A – São Paulo, The Capital.

Q – What have you seen grow over the years, what is the scene like around São Paulo?

A – The comunity is really big – and growing, and the evolution of the sport is huge. You see 12 year old kids skating like the big guys:)

Q – Are you involved in the growth? Do you guys organize events? Are there any longboarding assosiations?

A – It’s always good to be involved in the growth of something that you like, and yes we have a lot of events throughout the year. Although where I live there aren’t any assosiations.

Q – What about a crew? Do you and the guys you skate with have a name?

A – Yeah, Milk Midia

Q – ahh, nice name – describe the Milk Midia crew.

A – just a bunch of various friends who always plan to skate together all with our different styles and steeze.

Q – What is your favorite spot to skate with your crew, your local hill?

A – Alpha Ville, where we tape most of our videos, definatley my favorite spot.

Q – Ok, onto you and your board – what kind of longboarder are ypu, what do you like to do the most with your board?

A – skating fast, and making each and every manouver i do on my board last as long as possible.

Assistente Oliveria Lush Machine

Q – So, freeriding?

A – I love freeriding, I also love speed, so i’m always bringing the two together:)

Q – Hi speed sliding:) In regards to speed, downhill racing?

A – Yeah, i’ve entered a few this year, but then i focused more on freeriding, but next year im going to take racing head on.

Q – Any plans to bring your Brazilian stoke over to Europe next year to some events?

A – One day I would love to go to Europe, and a lot of other places too.

Q – So what’s on the top of your list?


Q – What are you currently riding?

A – Lush Machine, Surf-rodz and Cult converters.

Q – Music of choice?

A – Depends the mood im in and the place im skating

Q – Skating fast at Alpha Ville

A – MGK – Wild Boy

Q – If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life?


Q – Longboard hero/ idol ?

A – My friends

Assistente Oliveria Lush Machine

Q – Some advice for the younger kids starting to skate?

A – Above all, keep skate fun!

Q – Personal objectives for next season?

A – train more and more, try and go abroad, and brush up on my english

Q – Current sponsores?

A –, Lush Longboards, Cult wheels, Surf Rodz

Q – Who is Mark Penman?

A – A firm and great friend

Q – It was great talking to you, anything else you want to add?

A – Yes, I want to thank everyone who believes in me and believes in my skating, thank you very much!!!

More from Assistente soon!

Symbian Two VS Symbian Topmount

Lush Longboards


We are very proud to announce two new boards to the Lush Quiver… refined from the original Symbian freeride deck, the Symbian Two and the Symbian Topmount.

Symbian Two and Symbian Topmount

Which one is right for you? It depends on what you call “freeriding…”

Symbian Two

We’ve built the Symbian Two for skaters with a faster, slidier style. If your idea of freeride is downhill sliding, this is the board for you. It’s dropped through for easier slides with more control. We’ve kept the wheelbase a little longer for more predictable sideways behavior and greater control at speed.

Symbian Topmount

If, on the other hand, you like mixing flips, shuvits and ollies into your skating, then you should definitely consider the Symbian Topmount. With a slightly shorter wheelbase and topmounted trucks, this board is the one for today’s freestyle-influenced longboarding. The topmount will also give you a little more grip in corners – both of these boards are totally happy with speed if you feel the need!

Both of these boards are available from skateshops worldwide this week – check your local stockist or Buy Online from us!

Welcome to the Lush Team – Jorge Higgins!

Lush Longboards


We’ve had our eye on Jorge for a while now – he’s been turning heads in London with a good attitude and a freeride style to match. We sent him a Machine earlier this year to see how he got on, and like most people who try it, he loved it! We are happy to be able to finally welcome him to the Lush team!

Fellow Lush rider Harry Phelps found the time to get some questions out to Jorge – so here is a mini-interview to give you some flavour…

Jorge Higgins
Mark Brosnan photo

Harry: YO Jorge tell us a little bit about yourself….

Jorge: Hi! My names Jorge Higgins, I’m a Half English, half Chilean skater from London town and have been skating for almost 4 years now. I first learnt to skate back in 2009 when my uncle gave me my first cruiser board, I was hooked the second I tried it and haven’t been able to stop for longer than a week since.

H: Nice, so you pretty much skate all the time aha. So what disciplines of skating do you do and what is your favourite??
J: I skate every time I get the chance! I try to cover as many disciplines that catch my interest, I do some street, some of the cross stepping dancey stuff, some DH I would like to do more. I do a LOT of freeride and LOADS of tech-sliding as I enjoy those the most even though it is hard to find good hills to do them on. I’m also considering getting more into freestyle after learning ‘Walk the dog’ and some other old school tricks.

H: Sweet, freestyle is good, where are your 2 favourite places to skate?
J: Haha I’m glad you said two, it would be impossible to have chosen one. With no hesitation my two favourite places to skate would be Brighton and Greenwich Park in London. Brighton is just full of spots for any form of skating if it’s during the day or late at night. There are plenty of ledges, car parks and hills to skate with a bunch of sick people to skate with including the Faltown skaters and Brighton locals. As for Greenwich Park I love this place for many reasons, some being that there are sick hills there and some smooth paths to skate on. But the main reason that stands out would be that back in 2010 Sergio and Fernando Yuppie both came for a slide jam there during they’re UK Tour along with Mark Short and Will Edgecombe, it was defiantly one of the most inspirational skates of my life.

Jorge Higgins

H: Ahh nice, was this what made you want to get more into tech sliding and just skating in general?
J: Well back then I was only getting into sliding and didn’t know much about it, all I could do was an ugly Coleman and some cross steps, so after watching the Yuppies do their thing I was truly inspired. Sergio yuppie spinning around like a windy ninja and particularly Fernando yuppie pulling a layback slide on a longboard that was defiantly mind blowing at the time. Still I didn’t actually get into tech sliding until mid 2011 when I won some tech slide wheels at a slide comp and had a proper go at it, then I was defiantly hooked!

H: aha once you’re hooked you’ll never get free! When you’re out on a long day session what food do you eat to keep you revved up to shred??
J: Ooooh that’s a good question, normally anything to my fancy really, I’m not at all a fussy eater at all. Normally if I’m not bringing my own food I would head to the nearest supermarket and get a sandwich from there, if not I would try for some hot food if its burger king or chips. But most importantly I will always have a banana and a can of ginger beer, or some form of fizzy drink, in my bag for energy and just cause I love em!

H: cool, so crayons aren’t your thing then?
J: Nahhh personally I prefer colouring pencils hahaha

Jorge Higgins
Dicky Ward photo

H: What would you do if you were skating down a road and a car pulled out of its drive on you?
J: Hmmmm… Probably either hippy jump it, Ollie it, jump off my board and slide across the hood of the car like in those films or just simply…. skate around it! Hahaha!

H: Sounds like you got it all planned out! Now what are your favourite stickers?
J: Oh I have a few, the Alien Workshop ‘Alien’ sticker because it just looks awesome, the Octane Sports ‘Anti Scooter’ and ‘Cow print’ stickers because they are boss, the Cult Wheels ‘Free your mind’ sticker and the Sexdecks ‘fuck off’ sticker… because its simple and straight to the point. I also love sticking the Vandem MFG logo stickers around the place because then I can call is vandemlism… you get it!? Hahaha

H: Very funny hahaha! Nice choice there. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done whilst skating??
J: Ahhhh hahahaha…. I think I make a fool of myself at nearly every session I go to, most recently at Hogtoberfest where I tried to fit into a fridge.. It didn’t work… nor did it for my friend Ben who tried flying into it head first! I guess I don’t mind making a fool of myself as long as in the end I’m laughing too hahaha.

Jorge Higgins

H: haha I saw the pictures of that! Last off, who ya gunnu big up??
J: First of all big up to my sponsors: Micheal Stride aka Octane Sport, Wo ani and Yannick Jacob aka and all them Lush guys, Rich, Mark, Adam and Darren! A big up to London Longboards, definitely wouldn’t have met all my mates without this group making skate events! Das Industries, Timmy Peters looking forward to more amazing event from them and Longboarding for Little Hearts a charitable organisation helping raise money for The Children’s Heart Foundation.
Also a huge shout out to all my skater buddies who have made it all the more fun to skate, my crazy buddy Adam ‘Longboard’, my short Brazilian brother Bruno De Oliveira, that fast pumping slalomer Louis Selby, you Harry Phelps for being a sick skater and your dad for being a legend! Team Cow!! Kingston crew, Gbemi Ogunkeye… I know I’ve missed people out but they know that they’re not forgotten!

Bath2Bristol on a long Lush board

Lush Longboards


Our friend Sultan Khattak made this short film about our Bristol Board Meeting back in September – a little different to a lot of the other edits we have seen, it has a nice “documentary” style about it.

Check out his YouTube channel for more!

Darryl vs Manu

Lush Longboards


1999 at the Australian X Games saw a super-tight race between Manu Antuna and Darryl Freeman – look past the VHS quality and see two pioneers getting it done!!!

Have a look at Manu’s tribute board here.

Also props to Skatehousemedia for digging this one up!

A decade of evolution

Lush Longboards


We were lucky enough to track down one of the first Spooky Evo’s via Chris Vanstone recently. Released in 2002, the Spooky Evo was one of the first commercially available speedboards with a drop-through truck mounting. It featured a dropped-up nose, which served to wedge the front truck in a similar fashion to other pioneering speedboards like the Landyachtz Evo.

Here it is, ten years on, next to it’s spiritual successor, the Sequel. You can see that things have changed straight away… the Sequel has a shorter wheelbase (more manouverable and better cornering with more grip) and a wider deck (better foot placement) than it’s ancestor. We added hips on there rather than just straight rails to lock your back foot in too. Let’s take a closer look…

Concave has come on a bit in ten years…!!!!! This board was pressed in a vacuum bag with PVA glue in a damp Sheffield lock-up under a railway line… we weren’t able to get much concave in the boards back then. These days we’re still pressing decks individually, but now we have a giant hydraulic press and CNC’d steel moulds, using epoxy-based glue.

Drop-up slots were hand-cut with a jigsaw and finished with a router… while this one of the first times that anyone had mounted a truck like this, it was still pretty primative! Now we have a CNC router that is able to cut exactly what we want, where we want it, the same every time.

Back in the day we did graphics with a combination of masking tape, poster paint, stickers, varnish and time… Not as strong or as pretty as the Sequel’s Chrome finish heat transfer. This Spooky graphic will have used up around 50 feet of masking tape!!!

We were using 4 layers of 3mm 3ply Scandinavian birch… heavier, flexier, and not as impact resistant as the 12 plys of Canadian Maple, with two opposing layers of bi-axial fibreglass. Stiffness is essential in a speedboard, we have upped our game considerably in the last ten years in that department…!

We were able to produce such a revolutionary board at the time because we were out there skating, and we knew what we wanted. These days not much has changed… we’re still out there, still perfecting our decks each year, according to what we want and what works on the hill.

Here’s Pete and Rob charging on their Sequels in Switzerland this summer… powering the next ten years of Lush deck evolution.