Steezestoker – not just another brick


Suddenly we’re seeing a new kind of freeride deck appearing – the “brick” shape has the potential to become the “popsicle” of downhill skateboarding for many people… a super simple, straight up symmetrical plank. It’s not a new idea, but the shape works really well and it has a certain aesthetic appeal – so a lot of shapers are doing it.

Jordan Riachi - Steezestoker
Jordan runs his Steezestoker on the shorter wheelbase… an option many other “bricks” don’t have.

Our take on this shape shares a lot with other “bricks” out there – CNC wheelwells, rocker, and of course that fat symmetrical shape that allows any number of foot positions in a comfortable concave.

Luigi in race mode…

However – the Steezestoker differs from the competition in two very important regards:

1) It’s strong as hell. Several of our team riders are now skating two year old Sequels, Shockers, Vandellas and Antunas, as they’re finding that our 4X construction survives weather and multiple impacts whlist retaining stiffness… basically it’s everything you really need for a freeride/dh layup.

2) It has a HUGE adjustable wheelbase – on the shorter setting (under 24″) the nose and tail are the perfect lengths for ollies and even flips if you want. Drilling an extra set of holes inboard of the deck and lengthening the wheel wells may not sound like a revolutionary idea, but it completely transforms what this deck is capable of and we’re actually pretty surprised more companies haven’t done it with their “brick” shapes.

Kickflip to hill bomb? Slide deck you can race on? The Steezestoker will not let you down.

Thanks to Rafael Fazano and Animal House Reference for the photos!