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Tags: pinnacle

Q&A – Fee Bücheler


We recently cornered our resident Women’s Camp Organiser Schnapps Fairy, Fee Bücheler, for a quick fire Q&A…go! Name: Fee Bücheler Hometown: Growing up in Stuttgart Living now: in my Van AKA Names: Frau Fee Years sk8ing: Around 10 years Everybody should know: I am a f*cking fairy!! Who are your sponsors? LushLongboards, CultWheels, SabreTrucks, SixxaClothing,.. Read More



Name: Eduardo Evans Lopes Guimarães Home town: Porto, Portugal Nicknames: EKO Years skating: 5 Sponsors: Lush Longboards Cult Wheels Deckheads Skate Shop Cactus Distribution Favourite Lush Boards: Legend, Pinnacle Current set up: Lush Legend, Paris 180, Cult Death Ray. Chosen terrain: Smooth ass assault Best skate events: •Without a doubt KNK longboard camp Slovenia •Velefique.. Read More

Jungle Surfing with Jordan Riachi – Pinnacle


Another sweet edit from the dudes at AHR This time it’s ….Riachi…Jordan Riachi jungle surfing on his Pinnacle. Jordan is pleasure to watch as always with his slick effortless style.

Jordan Riachi – Pinnacle


The Pinnacle – one of the most versitile DH/Freeride boards in our lineup, we have several built up here at HQ and they get ridden probably more than anything else in this winter’s workshop quver. Jordan Riachi clearly likes it too… Just swap the wheels from Cult Classics to Traction Beams and it’ll transform from.. Read More